Love and Laugh your way to…. Baby Making

Serina was desperately seeking to start a family. “I’ve been so obsessed about it, and now he can’t ‘perform.’ How can we get pregnant if he…” She stopped herself mid-sentence, knowing anything she said she wouldn’t be able to take back. She looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. Serina and her husband’s story is one I hear often. Pregnancy and starting a family can of course be magical. But trying to get pregnant? It can sometimes feel like the opposite. The solution: Stop trying to get pregnant. Give yourself three months off to start bringing back the excitement, passion and play — in and out — of the bedroom.

Three months can sound like “forever” especially when you’re so desperate to get pregnant. I help reassure couples who are getting stressed out talk through and understand their feelings, and give them intimacy exercises I’ve created so they can re-connect. When couples can change their perspective about getting pregnant, it helps them start to feel good about themselves and each other, and when you feel good, your stress levels go down. Research is backing up what I’ve seen in my private practice. When couples act and feel in love, and start laughing together again, it significantly increases their chances of saying, “And just when we weren’t trying…”

For more on how you can love and laugh your way to starting a family, with lots of takeaway on how to keep passion alive during the process, come and join me at Fertility Planet LA 2014, Friday 4th April at UCLA.

To be my guest, get your free tix here…

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